We believe that our members’ interests are advanced when communication between management and employees is constructive and when the employer sees employees as critical partners in achieving common goals.

CWU prides itself on negotiating excellent collective agreements. We know that a collective agreement is much more than a wordy legal document – it spells out the deal YOU have reached with your employer to provide YOUR services. CWU also believes that YOU should have a say in the collective bargaining process and ensures that all new or renewed collective agreement are voted on by YOU. If you ever need further clarification about your collective agreement, give us a call - we're here to help with that.

Site Visits

CWU Representatives attempt to be visible and are always accessible. Site visits happen regularly, but with employees moving in between projects, some of you may see us more frequently than others. You should always feel free to contact the Union office directly for information or guidance.

Shop Stewards

A union steward is a co-worker who serves as a critical link between your workplace and your union. They can often provide basic information on a wide range of matters from how to deal with workplace concerns or disagreements to pointing you in the right direction on topics related to health & welfare or RRSP questions. You can also share any concerns and ideas you might have. Your stewards are able communicators and problem-solvers. Don’t hesitate to lean on them for information or assistance.