Extended Health Plans

CWU negotiates a comprehensive health and welfare plan to ensure that you and your family are protected. Our health plans are designed specifically for construction companies, both large and small. The plan is based on hours worked to reflect the nature of the construction industry. Excess hours are "banked" on behalf of the employee and can be used to keep employees in benefit during slower times.

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Employee Family Assistance Program (EAP)

Life can throw you curve balls and there are times when you or your dependents may benefit from talking to a professional. The CWU EAP is a part of your benefit program and gives you access to free, confidential counselling services on a wide range of potential issues or challenges including: marital, parenting and child care, elder care, finances, legal issues, health and wellness, and more. Read more (link to a webpage on EAP, hidden from the menu but searchable on the site)

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No Longer Working?

If you are no longer working for a CWU signatory company but still have hours left in your benefits hour bank, here is the information you should know about what happens with those hours, and what options you have when those hours run out.

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